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"they patiently collect faint signals of light lost in the vastness of the Universe to fuel the wonder in their eyes

Welcome to my collection of astronomical photos.
I hope that the images I have collected in recent years may be pleasing to you and, to the same time, they are a spur for those who are now starting their own adventure in astrophotography. For those already experienced it will be a relief to see that there is someone able to take pictures worse than theirs. Seriously, the images I have slowly collected over several years of activities are not a point of arrival but points of reference to try to always improve, both from a technical and an aesthetic point of view; in this gallery you will then find even some duplicated images, as they were made at different times and processed with software or different techniques; it is not therefore a question of errors but of a precise choice that testifies to it spirit with which this virtual gallery was created: a path, a journey through the beauties of the universe which is a continuous search for improvement.
In the left pane you will see the images, while in this right part it will be present an explanatory text containing both the technical data of the photo shoot and some information physical and historical related to the photographed object. It is important, perhaps even more than the path of research of improvement, the popular aim in which every image has been taken not only to try to get a nice photo but also and above all to try to divulge some aspects of the reality of the universe that surrounds us.
The horizontal menu at the top will allow you to move between the various general topics, each image it will then be a discovery of fascinating, wonderful and mysterious worlds, unworthily represented from the photos I made.
Have a good trip.

     Massimo Dionisi

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